Our aim is to provide a professional service for the musician or composer that would like:

– their work to be made available physically and digitally around the world

– their recorded work to be taken seriously by press and the music industry

– a one-off, fixed, cost

– a very competitive, regularly paid, royalty payment on all sales

– profitable penetration into UK and overseas commercial markets and alternative media sales

If you are an artist interested in releasing your recording with us, please look through our site which explains a little more about the services we can provide. If you would like to find out more concerning the philosophy behind the company, please click on the about link. Please note that Esfor does not fund artists to make recordings, but rather is designed to provide a service for artists who want to have their music released to the general public.

To find out more, please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.


“Esfor were wonderful to work with – they were extremely clear and supportive throughout the entire process of producing my album and  encouraged me to pursue my compositional goals without encroaching on my creative practice”

“Esfor strike an unusual (yet successful) balance: on the one hand they allow their artists to pursue their creative goals, whilst on the other hand they manage to produce professional, sellable albums that demand to be taken seriously”

“I used to think that it would be very difficult to release a serious album of contemporary electronic music. Fortunately, Esfor made the whole process seem easy – they talked me through every stage of the process, offered useful and friendly advice and, more importantly, allowed me to compose my music without limiting my creative practice.”

“I chose Esfor because they’re responsive, personal, quick to act and have excellent distribution. As artists themselves, you feel you’re dealing with a like-minded individuals.”