other services

We are committed to a high-quality and friendly, approachable service. We realise that each business, or individual, has its own requirements, and our services are adapted and priced to suit those individual needs. We can provide you with almost any music-related service, but here are just a few that we have already provided for our clients:

Production and Distribution

Our main area of business. See our pages for Production and Distribution Services.

Web Design and Hosting

Esfor can design and host web sites for any artist connected with any of our labels. We can provide your own unique address and can design the layout and information that you would like your site to present. For a small monthly fee (paid annually) we can set up everything you need for your own personal site.

Business Development


If you represent any record label, large or small, we can provide business advice that will take your company to the next level. We have experts in every area;- from developing your first business plan to purchasing multi-million pound companies, from creating a market presence in the UK to inventing new and inventive strategies for company growth. In fact, we can advise on almost every area of business development.



We have experts that can create the highest quality compilations (single or multi-artist) on single or multi-format CD, or digital only, for retail or mail order with recordings licensed from major or independent labels. We can do as much, or as little, as your business requires, from concept brainstorming to providing everything needed for production – including design and booklet notes.



With our expert knowledge in all genres of music, we can write biographies or articles on any artist or musical subject. The piece can be as short or as long as required, and can be as detailed as required.



We can suggest, source and license recordings for use in film, TV and advertising. From hit recordings to ambient background music, we can find the most applicable piece of music to suit your needs.