Esfor Limited have a unique distribution network to ensure your recordings reach their ideal target audience.


Once an album is released on one of our labels, we distribute your music to all the major digital outlets, including Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, and over 100 others, and our outlets are continually being updated on a weekly basis.


In addition to independent and major online retailers such as Amazon, we can distribute your physical CDs to a range of retailers globally via our own international distributor S4 Catalogue Distribution Services, who not only control our own labels, but other small independant labels from around the world.

Mail Order

With our extensive experience in the music direct mail industry, we will place your product in our own music-only catalogue that is not only given away in our connected retail outlets, but is mailed directly to customers homes using our growing customer database, increasing sales to known previous purchasers.


From time to time, we release our own unique compilations, either physically or digitally, with the sole purpose of promoting your catalogue. We will license recordings from all our distributed labels to create the highest quality compilations for sale. Your music will be promoted through the strength of others generating more sales to new customers. We also make your recordings available to third party licensors for their compilations.


We can also actively promote your recordings for synchronisation rights for film, television and advertising purposes. Ensuring you get industry standard deals for your music.